Speers London

Very British

1955. 1 Farringdon Street, LONDON. Somewhere between Baker Street and Kings Cross. Narrow alleys, broad boulevards, sophisticated buildings, the noise of clattering trains. Elegant gentlemen in suit, tie, hat and black brief case hurry secretively through the business metropolis. Authentic works of art are crafted by hand in the concealed back rooms of cramped workshops.

The birth of the SPEERS LONDON brand. Classic gentlemen’s clothes have been made in London town since the early 1950s. Selected materials, sophisticated details high-quality tailoring and understated English chic are unique. These attributes herald success and embody premium values.

Authentic, original and naturally: very British.

Almost one fifty years later, the values espoused by SPEERS LONDON remain the same. Premium quality, classic elegance and timeless design. SPEERS LONDON has a profile that appeals to a sophisticated, international clientele with clothes tailored to the requirements of our time and complemented by a sporty leisure line.

A unique range of suits, accessories and shoes are created here every day on a platform of tradition, experience and the finest tailoring craftsmanship. These clothes meet the aspiration for authentic style and individuality. Welcome to SPEERS LONDON.